The University of Chicago

2009 Annual Report of
The Baltimore Museum of Art

Thoughtful Responses to Difficult Times

In fiscal year 2009, the BMA proved once again that with creativity and good stewardship, we can weather even the most difficult economic challenges. Gifts from our loyal Donors and Members really made the difference—allowing us to sustain our service to the community and our mission while making the tough choices necessary to maintain a balanced budget in the face of reduced revenues.

In responding to the economic realities of the past year, the Museum’s leadership and staff reinforced our commitment to the priorities laid out in our vision, found ways to work more efficiently, and continued our emphasis on the outcomes identified in the In a New Light campaign plan—making the BMA an exciting cultural destination, extending our extraordinary legacy, becoming a leader among art museums, and contributing to the vitality of our region. This year we are also offering our annual report online rather than in print, and we invite you to explore the links you’ll find in the “mosaic” at the top of this page to discover how the BMA made the most of reduced resources and maintained our momentum in 2009.

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