Upcoming Exhibitions

New Arrivals: Matisse Prints & Drawings

From December 9, 2015 — July 3, 2016

Approximately 20 prints and drawings demonstrate the continuing legacy of the BMA’s relationship with the Matisse family. Etta and Claribel Cone’s dedication to collecting the art of Henri Matisse established at the BMA one of the most comprehensive collections of the artist’s work.

New Arrivals: Art Quilts

From December 15, 2015 — June 19, 2016

Unlike its predecessors, the art quilt is intended for display on the wall rather than the bed.

Among the many recent additions to the BMA’s late 20th-century textile collection are five stunning quilts created by professional artists who chose to express themselves with cloth and thread, in some cases abandoning their original media in order to do so.

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