Painted Prints - The Revelation  of Color
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Landscape with Large Pine
c. 1520-1523
Albrecht Altdorfer
German, c. 1482/85-1538
Etching with transparent washes
Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg, Germany

Albrecht Altdorfer was an important painter, draftsman and printmaker who most likely painted this etching himself. Altdorfer possibly painted impressions of the landscape etchings for collectors at the same time that he was producing a series of landscape drawings for special patrons. Because he was working from a printed design, however, he could produce painted prints more quickly and efficiently than drawings. Few of these painted landscape etchings are known, probably because they served as wall decoration and deteriorated over time.
How was this image a "first " in European art?
Compare this print to one of Altdorfer’s landscape drawings.