Painted Prints - The Revelation  of Color
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From the Virtues
Jacob Matham
Dutch, 1571-1631
After Hendrick Goltzius
Dutch, 1558-1617
Monogrammist M.Ö.
German, late sixteenth century
Signed "M.Ö. 1598"
Engraving with transparent washes and body colors, highlighted with gold and silver
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Allegorical personifications, like Fortitude were common subjects of Renaissance prints. M.Ö. painted Fortitude in 1598, a year after the engraving was published. The addition of color to this engraving reinforces the meaning of the image. Painted veins on the column carried by Fortitude make it appear that the pillar is made of marble, not wood or plaster. Emphasizing the weight of the column accentuates the figure’s boundless strength.
See what the column looked like before the color was added.