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Calendar of the Year 1614 with the Ten Ages of Men and Women (detail)
Jost Amman
Swiss, 1539-1591
Unidentified colorist
Woodcut and letterpress, printed in black and red, with transparent washes and body colors, some applied through stencils
Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg

An unknown colorist adeptly painted the woodcut images using a series of stencils as well as applying colors freehand. The monthly calendar at the center, which identifies saints’ days and astrological signs, is printed in black and red inks. The publisher must have sold copies of the calendar with only the printed red accents, as well as more expensive hand-colored copies such as this. The expert painting of this sheet indicates that it was a deluxe item, intended for display.
See details of the Calendar and compare the ages of man and woman