Painted Prints - The Revelation  of Color
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Christ Presented to the People
From the Large Passion, 1511 (Latin edition)
Albrecht Dürer
German, 1471-1528
Unknown colorist
Woodcut with transparent washes and body colors, highlighted with gold and silver
The Baltimore Museum of Art: Purchased as the Gift of Charles W. Newhall III, Owings Mills, Maryland, and Todd Ruppert, Baltimore; and purchased with exchange funds from the Garrett Collection, and gift of Theodore Strauel, Pound Ridge, New York (BMA 2000.91)

Sixty hand-colored prints from American and European collections were examined using modern analytical methods for this exhibition. A significant result of this examination is that only seven of the prints analyzed were found to have been colored during the eighteenth century or later. While several of the prints also showed evidence of modern restoration the vast majority were probably colored around the time they were printed. This demonstrates that the practice of coloring prints was common during the Renaissance and Baroque eras and that modern questions about the vintage of the coloring are often unfounded.
Learn about the pigments in this print from conservator Tom Primeau