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The art in Painted Prints: The Revelation of Color offers a wealth of stories and information that can be easily linked to subjects taught in schools. This teacher guide, Curricular Connections, demonstrates how teachers can use six of the prints on the Painted Prints web site to pursue topics in literature, history, biography, foreign language, astronomy, religion, mass communication, and art criticism.

Each print is introduced by a series of observation questions that focus students’ attention on details they might easily overlook. The zoom feature on selected prints encourages students to explore the prints at very close range. Teachers may wish to print out multiple copies of the prints so that students might have a reproduction close at hand during class discussions.

Enrichment materials provide historical background, biographical information, explanation of symbols, and summaries of narratives to deepen the students’ understanding of each print and help them relate the content to their own lives. Links to related web sites encourage further investigation.

Download the Complete Curriculum or each section individually.

Adobe Acrobat is required.

Curricular Connections: Painted Prints for Teachers (Complete curriculum, file size 3.7MB)

link to pdf   A Virtue Personified (file size 256K)
link to pdf   Spectacular News (file size 272K)
link to pdf   Two Views of a Scholarly Saint (file size 608K)
link to pdf   Meet Maximilian (file size 964K)
link to pdf   A Morality Story (file size 1.3MB)

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