Participate in Clifford Owens' Performance at the BMA

Clifford Owens. Anthology (Saya Woolfalk). 2011. Courtesy of the artist

Clifford Owens. Anthology (Saya Woolfalk). 2011. Courtesy of the artist

The renowned artist Clifford Owens is now accepting audition videos from teens (ages 16-19) of African descent and all genders who were born in Baltimore and currently live in the City.

Owens, who was born and raised in Baltimore, will select two candidates to perform a text-based performance art score with him for approximately 20 minutes at the BMA on December 12. A required rehearsal will be held on December 11. The performance involves interpreting a "score," or loose set of instructions, together with Owens and a fellow performer through improvised movement and vocalizations in the Museum.

The artist is looking for individuals who bring intensity, seriousness, and willingness to explore a performance tradition that may be unfamiliar. Successful candidates will have experience memorizing dialogue and feel confident as a vocalist in a public setting. Vocalists and performers from all genres, including spoken word, hip hop, and rap, are encouraged to apply. No acting or theatrical experience necessary.

Participants will receive a $350 honorarium.

To Apply

  • Using the form below, submit a video of yourself—under 5 minutes—singing a capella or bars, reciting poetry or prose, performing an art score, etc.
  • Submissions must be received by Friday, November 22, 2019.
  • .MOV and .MP4 formats are preferred.


Contact Manager of Public Programs Tracey Beale at